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The 10 Basic principles to improve your primary TKA
Siegfried Hofmann, Andrea Baldini, Sébastien Parratte ISAKOS 2017 Special Issue

This electronic book is based on the more then 15 years of experience with training and education at Stolzalpen training centre in Austria. During the last 15 years these Instructional Knee Courses had been exported to 18...

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Journal of ISAKOS “the new kid on the block”
C. Niek van Dijk (Editor-in-Chief JISAKOS) ISAKOS 2017 Special Issue

Somebody brave once asked the Duke of Edinburgh why he had married the Queen of England. His reply was cryptic: “because she was there...”. But it suggested much. He might have said: ‘she’s the world’s most desirable bride, and her husband will inherit a thousand years of tradition and prestige (not to mention the wealth).

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